Foto. Lourdes Mieres

When different media, i. e. art websites, ask us artists to choose a specific trend, to “narrow” the field within we move, I feel constrained, as if I were inside a corset, a corset of words, ideas and definitions.

But I cannot find a place, my very own trend, and I think that I do not want to find it.

The inspiration of my works comes from several sources. My work is figurative and with surrealist influences, but it is not solely surrealist. Maybe the best word to define it could be “existentialist”, as it is rooted on life. It is superficial art, sensory but rational. It combines reality, fantasy and abstraction; nature and geometry.

There are many different ways of “looking at” reality, of feeling and interpreting it.

With regard to this reality, I am especially attracted to spiral forms, both geometric and natural. Some time ago, I casually discovered the origin of this particular predilection: I remembered that, being a child, my father went to Barcelona and brought me a souvenir, a set of postcards from the Park Guell, which I liked immediately. Being a young adult, I started my studies on Fine Arts in Madrid, where I did two years of my degree. Later I transferred to Barcelona, where I had never been before, in order to do the three remaining years of my studies. I was also looking for the Gaudi of my memories and missed the sea.

Time passed by and a picture of a staircase designed by Gaudi fell on my hands. It was a spiral. Suddenly, all those memories came back to my mind and I recognized the start point of my predilection. Spirals exist in nature, in small organisms (like a shell…) and on large scale (galaxies…). It is one of the few non-closed geometric curves, continuously expanding, continuously growing. Like life itself.

I think that art should be like a connection, a connection with the capacity of making something rattle inside the people.